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Taking care of your hands does not need to be complicated. Contaminated hands can spread infectious diseases. The current global COVID-19 pandemic is its best example.

The important thing to remember is incorporating regular hand skincare in your daily routine to help your hands feeling and looking good  and protected, because our hands say a lot about us. They are the body part that is displayed and seen the most after our face. True ambassadors, they reflect our personalities, our lives and the time that passes. They serve to communicate, to give, to receive, to share, to feel, to work, to love … must be pampered with special attention: if we think of taking care of our face skin, it should be the same for the one of our hands.

Our new FAEBEY CARE & GO hand cream with a careful and effective formulation based on: Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Soya Oil, Almond Oil, will help us to nourish, repair and regenerate the delicate skin of the hands leaving them visibly softer, velvety and rejuvenated. A moisturizing treatment with a rich, easily absorbed texture with a matte finish and suitable for all skin types. Also ideal for massaging nails and cuticles.

A must-have to carry in your handbag to beautify and care for your hands every da