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AZURE ACTION facial mask / 50 ml


Comforting facial gel mask indicated to reduce skin symptoms that appear on our skin as a result of fatigue, lack of sleep or stress. The skin becomes more vulnerable causing inflammation, dehydration, appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

AZURE ACTION FACIAL MASK with powerful active ingredients such as Turmeria and Blue Algae, hydrates, calms, rebalances and restores comfort to all skin types, especially the most sensitive ones, affected by external aggressions (sun, pollution ...) or after professional treatments ( peeling, laser ..)

Its application is recommended during the day (to protect and hydrate the skin) and at night to stimulate the skin's self-repair process.

SKU: FB2043

Cleansing and purifying gel mask inspired by the exquisiteness of the sacred lotus flowers and the lotus flowers of Egypt, to achieve a porcelain skin, radiant and without shine and by the presence of a cocktail of selected plants that help to cleanse and exfoliate the skin in a smooth and effective way thanks to its natural content in AHA. Nourishes and protects the innermost layers of the skin. Instant comfort feeling. The skin breathes, relaxes and with it the mind is also freed and a good overall state of well-being is acquired.

SKU: FB2044

GLOWING POWER facial mask / 50 ml

Vitamin C
Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizing and brightening mask with vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Its studied formulation helps combat dull and uneven skin tone to achieve a more luminous and radiant skin. Also enriched with extraordinary botanical ingredients, such as Carotolino and Sensia carota, we will calm and protect our skin from the harmful effects of Blue Light through a 360º mechanism of action, enhancing our natural skin color.

SKU: FB2045